Daniel Pugel Introduces Banchero Disability Partners: Empowering Adults with Special Needs

Your Generous Donation to Banchero Disability Partners Makes a Difference in Seattle, and Beyond, Daniel Pugel Says

Banchero Disability Partners makes a difference in the lives of adults with special needs, Daniel Pugel says, so adults with special needs can make a difference for good in the world.

Who Are Banchero Disability Partners?

Seattle-based Banchero Disability Partners is a group home that provides 24-hour support services to 29 adults who have faced intellectual and social challenges. The clients of Banchero Disability Partners present a variety of needs. Some require constant in-house supervision. Others just need medical or financial assistance.

Many of the population served by Banchero Disability Partners have struggled with substance abuse or a psychiatric illness, and some are survivors of domestic abuse and homelessness. Most clients of Banchero Disability Partners live in SRO (single-resident occupancy) apartments in close proximity to their friends, but some share their homes with one or multiple roommates.

What Banchero Disability Partners Offers to Its Clients and Society at Large

Banchero Disability Partners makes sure that all of its clients can navigate the requirements of daily living. They provide education and support with planning meals, cooking, shopping, kitchen sanitation, and food storage. They make sure clients have access to banking, pay their bills, keep up with laundry, keep their clothes clean, and know how to use public transportation.

The partnership isn’t just about survival needs. Banchero Disability Partners helps its clients earn their way in the world. The foundation helps clients find appropriate, desirable jobs. When work is no longer possible, there is help for securing Social Security disability and SSI. Banchero Disability Partners makes sure clients have affordable, subsidized housing, help with utilities and food, excellent medical care, and the mental health services they need.

Banchero Disability Partners realizes that disabled adults can have a life, too. Clients are encouraged to attend classes, enjoy arts and crafts, attend sporting and cultural events, and even volunteer to help other Washington residents in need.

Daniel Pugel notes that Banchero Disability Partners makes sure its clients exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens. The program informs clients of the political developments that affect their lives and helps them to advocate for their civil rights and the civil rights of others. Banchero Disability Partners empowers adults overcoming disabilities to be full participants in the political life of their city, their state, and their country.

You Can Make an Impact with Your Donation to Banchero Disability Partners, Daniel Pugel Says

Daily intensive support to 10 developmentally disabled adults costs Banchero Disability Partners $373,104 a year. The partnership has begun a horticultural program employing four developmentally disabled people and is making progress on building a new group home. 

Every donation counts, Daniel Pugel says. Your cash contribution to Banchero Disability Partners in any amount will have a positive impact on many lives starting today. The offices of Banchero Disability Partners are located at 13732 Midvale Ave N #103, Seattle, WA 98133. Please direct questions to our office at (206) 367-7795.