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Daniel Pugel Introduces Banchero Disability Partners: Empowering Adults with Special Needs

Your Generous Donation to Banchero Disability Partners Makes a Difference in Seattle, and Beyond, Daniel Pugel Says

Banchero Disability Partners makes a difference in the lives of adults with special needs, Daniel Pugel says, so adults with special needs can make a difference for good in the world.

Who Are Banchero Disability Partners?

Seattle-based Banchero Disability Partners is a group home that provides 24-hour support services to 29 adults who have faced intellectual and social challenges. The clients of Banchero Disability Partners present a variety of needs. Some require constant in-house supervision. Others just need medical or financial assistance.

Many of the population served by Banchero Disability Partners have struggled with substance abuse or a psychiatric illness, and some are survivors of domestic abuse and homelessness. Most clients of Banchero Disability Partners live in SRO (single-resident occupancy) apartments in close proximity to their friends, but some share their homes with one or multiple roommates.

What Banchero Disability Partners Offers to Its Clients and Society at Large

Banchero Disability Partners makes sure that all of its clients can navigate the requirements of daily living. They provide education and support with planning meals, cooking, shopping, kitchen sanitation, and food storage. They make sure clients have access to banking, pay their bills, keep up with laundry, keep their clothes clean, and know how to use public transportation.

The partnership isn’t just about survival needs. Banchero Disability Partners helps its clients earn their way in the world. The foundation helps clients find appropriate, desirable jobs. When work is no longer possible, there is help for securing Social Security disability and SSI. Banchero Disability Partners makes sure clients have affordable, subsidized housing, help with utilities and food, excellent medical care, and the mental health services they need.

Banchero Disability Partners realizes that disabled adults can have a life, too. Clients are encouraged to attend classes, enjoy arts and crafts, attend sporting and cultural events, and even volunteer to help other Washington residents in need.

Daniel Pugel notes that Banchero Disability Partners makes sure its clients exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens. The program informs clients of the political developments that affect their lives and helps them to advocate for their civil rights and the civil rights of others. Banchero Disability Partners empowers adults overcoming disabilities to be full participants in the political life of their city, their state, and their country.

You Can Make an Impact with Your Donation to Banchero Disability Partners, Daniel Pugel Says

Daily intensive support to 10 developmentally disabled adults costs Banchero Disability Partners $373,104 a year. The partnership has begun a horticultural program employing four developmentally disabled people and is making progress on building a new group home. 

Every donation counts, Daniel Pugel says. Your cash contribution to Banchero Disability Partners in any amount will have a positive impact on many lives starting today. The offices of Banchero Disability Partners are located at 13732 Midvale Ave N #103, Seattle, WA 98133. Please direct questions to our office at (206) 367-7795.

Influential people, you need to know about

Bill Gates

Bill Gates isn’t a teacher, but his foundation is having a major impact on classrooms around the country. This isn’t surprising given Gates’ prominence as a business leader and the foundation’s financing of educational projects totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Gates was rated the most important person in education policy over the previous decade by the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center. During that time, Gates donated over $1.2 billion to high school reform projects, helped introduce technology to schools in need, and advocated for reforming the American high school system. With over $30 billion in the foundation, Gates is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.


E. D. Hirsch, Jr.

The Common Core curriculum, which will be adopted by most US states by 2015, has been a hot topic in education reform. E.D. Hirsch, Jr., founder, and chairman of the Core Knowledge Foundation inspired the change. Hirsch was inspired to create a core curriculum by his studies in written composition. He discovered that background information affects a student’s capacity to understand a book, not only readability. With this method, students will have a predetermined structure for their learning, hopefully providing them with the skills and abilities needed to succeed in the 21st century.

Jonathan Ullmer

A professional conduct tribunal determined Jonathan Ullmer, a teacher at Cecil Jones High School in Southend from 1989 until 2002, had sexual behavior with a male student.

The student said his theatre teacher had favored him, shared a bed with him, and masturbated in front of him. Mr. Ullmer disputed them. A panel of the Teaching Regulation Agency determined his acts to be sexually motivated. A permanent ban on teaching in England. Mr . Jonathan Ullmer accompanied the student to Kent than to the movie in Basildon, the investigation claimed. The charges came after Pupil A secretly videotaped a conversation with his former teacher.”Does [your wife] know about the sexual part of the friendship?” Pupil A asked Mr. Ullmer, according to the report. Mr. Ullmer was a headteacher in Kazakhstan when the charges surfaced in 2017 and he left after settling.


The Common Core curriculum, which will be adopted by most US states by 2015, has been a hot topic in education reform. E.D. Hirsch, Jr., founder, and chairman of the Core Knowledge Foundation inspired the change. Jonathan Ullmer was a teacher at Cecil Jones High School in Southend from 1989 until 2002.

Commodity Educator Gary Fullett Discusses What to Look for in a Commodity Broke

Commodity educator Gary Fullett recently discussed several things to look for when choosing a commodities broker.

Active traders often see commodities as major assets to their investment folders. Commodities, as explained by commodity educator Gary Fullett, are agricultural products or raw materials. Examples of commodities include crude oil, soybeans, or cattle. Gary Fullett recently described several things to look for when choosing a broker to help you buy and sell commodities.

The function of a commodities broker is to assist the client in buying and selling futures contracts. Gary Fullett explained that commodities brokers are typically paid a commission for facilitating and managing trading operations. He explained that it’s important for investors to thoroughly research brokers before choosing the one right for them.

“There are several characteristics of an excellent commodity broker that can help you determine which one will suit your needs,” Gary Fullett said. “First and foremost, any broker you use should be licensed.”

Gary Fullett explained that under the statutes of the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) of 1936, all commodities brokers must be licensed with the NFA. He added that in addition to licensing, investors should do enough research to ensure a broker is reputable. It’s important to know how long a broker has been in business and if there are any complaints against him or her. It’s best not to work with a form that is undergoing recent judgments or ongoing litigation.

“Visit the NFA database and run a Background Affiliation Status Information Center search to uncover a broker’s industry standing,” Gary Fullett said. “You’ll quickly learn if a broker is in good standing with the NFA and CFTC.”

Gary Fullett added that you will want to ensure your broker is competent before allowing them to trade commodity futures for you. They should have plenty of industry experience, keen attention to detail, and a specific knowledge base in this market. A broker’s ability to clearly answer your questions can be a good sign of his or her competence.

“Commodity futures are no longer traded in in-person auction form,” Gary Fullett said. “They are now almost entirely digital. You’ll want to choose a broker who is extremely tech-savvy and uses all of the latest software trading platforms to compete in this marketplace.”

Gary Fullett finished by stating that choosing a broker in which you feel confident can greatly improve your experience in the market. Choose a broker who is reputable, knowledgeable, and proficient in the latest trading technology, and you’ll be one step closer to success.

What is google News?

What is the first thing you do, when you want to get information about something? Google, yes that is the obvious answer. Google news is another wonderful tool by Google, which keeps you updated about all the world events. It provides you the local, regional, national and international news. The best part is, like other Google apps this one also gives you personalized updates.

Here are some benefits which you get being a google news user.

Specific and general updates

Since you use many apps offered by Google, it knows your preferences. Also, you can set your preferences manually. That is how it provides you with the relevant news. But at times you will even see some news that is not related to your searches or preferences. This is because Google wants you to be updated with everything going around.

You can save it for later

It is very common that on some days you do not get enough time to read the news. But with google news, you can always save it for later. So that you neither miss the news nor any important update about a future date.

Share the news

This is one of the best features of google news. You can share the article with others. This makes it easier to let others know about something, without calling them or typing the whole story. The feature of sharing is really a useful feature, which you are already using on many other apps.


Google News gives you the choice to subscribe to one or more news providers. Not only news providers, but you can even follow the topics. When you subscribe, you get everything posted by them no matter if it is relevant for you or not. And to keep your news feed, clean and simple to find anything, you should follow only the relevant topics. Otherwise, when everything appears on your screen, it becomes difficult to find useful information.

Google policies

In order to serve you with authentic and reliable news, google has policies. So that only true, reliable, and authentic news reaches you. Whenever you are reading an article on google news, you can be assured that it is from a trusted source. And, such trust is important, because sometimes you have to act as per the news.

For example, government notifications, stock market news, and other such areas have great significance in one’s life. Getting a piece of fake news and acting on it can even put you in trouble. Therefore, it is better to have a reliable source.


Google news is a great tool to keep you updated with what is happening around the world. Not only related to the world, but it can be as specific as what is happening in your locality. It is up to you how you use it. This is another feature of Google that can serve you in the best possible way. It gives you so many benefits like sharing, subscriptions, saving for later, and most importantly reliable news and updates.